Weekly Highlights December 2, 2014 Weekly Highlights December 2, 2014
Dec 4, 2014 8:05 AM ET Weekly Highlights December 2, 2014

Recent Research Conducted by the Governance & Accountability Institute Attempts to Answer Important Questions for Company Management

In the months of October, November and December each week we will be releasing the top 10 GRI sustainability aspects from three different sectors. The results are based on G&A's "Sustainability - What Matters?" analysis of 1,246 sustainability reports, across 35 sectors, for their level of disclosure around 84 GRI Performance Indicators, and 37 GRI Aspects.

The next three Top 10 GRI Sustainability Aspects released are for the Metals Products, Logistics and Household & Personal Products sectors. We list them here for your ease of access.

Top 10 GRI Sustainability Aspects for the Mining Sector
Sustainability – What Matters in the Mining Sector?

Top 10 GRI Sustainability Aspects for the Public Agency Sector
Sustainability – What Matters in the Public Agency Sector?

Top 10 GRI Sustainability Aspects for the Railroad Sector
Sustainability – What Matters in the Railroad Sector?

Top Story of the Week

Podcast: What’s the Moral Cost of Doing Business Today
(Monday - December 01, 2014)
Source: PBS Frontline - Today, most companies openly talk about their obligations to the people and places where they work. More than 70 percent of the 500 biggest US-traded companies now issue reports on their efforts to engage in corporate sustainability or responsibility — up from 20 percent in 2011, according to the Governance & Accountability Institute.

Transforming the corporation: How sustainability may guide the future
(Friday - November 28, 2014)
Source: DevEx Impact - It may seem a fanciful exercise to imagine what the corporation of the future will look like, but for businesses grappling with how to incorporate social and environmental goals into their business models, it is not.

Sustainability in Focus

Employee Retention, Recruitment Key Benefits of Sustainability Initiatives  
(Friday - November 28, 2014)
Source: - The benefits of sustainability projects may extend even further than reduced material use or energy consumption. A new survey shows that employee retention and recruitment are boosted by sustainable practices as well.

Big companies promote water sustainability
(Friday - November 28, 2014)
Source: Billings Gazette - By 2020 Coca-Cola, arguably one of the most familiar products in the world, plans to be water neutral — giving back as much water as it uses to produce its soft drinks...

Green Bonds: A Game Changer in Raising Sustainable Finance
(Thursday - November 27, 2014) Associated Profiles : CSRwire
Source: CSR Wire - Climate bonds, popularly known as green bonds, are fixed-income investments aimed at financing environmentally friendly projects. Green bonds were pioneered by global development banks, including the World Bank, about...

Executive Perspective: Pension funds need to move from rhetoric to reality on sustainable investing
(Tuesday - November 25, 2014)
Source: Reuters - Pension funds should be the ‘masters of the universe’ in the global financial system. After all, they control enormous assets, hire the best brand name fund managers, consultants and banks to invest their beneficiary’s money, our...

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