Socorro Bermúdez, Mexican woman and leader

May 18, 2011 12:10 PM ET
Campaign: Valor Social

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) May 18, 2011 - As of April 1st, we created the Eastern Regional Management, lead by Socorro  Bermudez (Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering), who has a long career path at Banorte; having held different positions at Branch level and in supporting operations.

At the beginning we wanted for this interview to acknowledge that she was the first woman with such a high position in the organization; but the interview went beyond that. More than a matter of gender, her career path represents a continuous effort to reach objectives, regardless of gender.   In this manner, we can highlight that, for her, one of her greatest accomplishments was becoming Manager of a Branch at only 23 years of age (by the late 80s), to be part of the progress in women’s professional development, and participate in a series of successful projects, such as Mujer Banorte (Banorte Woman).   For Socorro Bermudez, at the present time, women have the same opportunities than men. The point is if the woman wants to assert that equality, or not.  She mentioned that one should not pay attention to labels –for instance, “I can’t because I’m a woman”, “that is only for single women”, “I cannot have those responsibilities because of my children”-, “it depends on how far you want to go, and the way you have organized yourself personally to take care of big responsibilities”, she says emphatically.   At work, her energy is contagious and she empowers both, men and women. And when she crosses the door of her house, she leaves her professional life outside to perform her roles as mother, wife, daughter, and woman.   In the same way than Socorro Bermúdez, many women play several roles on a daily basis; at the same time that they continue with their professional development. She is an example for all those who have a dream and the purpose of making it come true. There are no barriers of any kind when we fight for what we want.   GFB13917