ON Semiconductor Demonstrates Kindness in Action

ON Semiconductor Demonstrates Kindness in Action

Written by: Cassandra Savel, CSR Intern

Monday, February 17, 2020 - 10:00am


At ON Semiconductor, we are committed to philanthropy by inspiring good deeds and funding community impact projects through our corporate social responsibility program. An integral driver of this commitment comes from a dedication to kindness in all of its forms.

Each year on February 17th we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day, a national holiday intended to celebrate and encourage acts of kindness in the community. Studies have shown that kind actions – from a complimenting a stranger to engaging in volunteerism – have positive social cohesion and health benefits for everyone involved by spurring feel-good chemicals in the brain and even lowering blood pressure.

Since we know kindness is beneficial for health and social wellbeing, how can we effectively catalyze acts of kindness in the community? According to experts, it lies in the product of empathy. “If we are to be kind, then not only do we need to be sensitive to the suffering of others, but we also need to make a constructive response in such circumstances. Kindness requires action,” states Nigel Mathers of University of Sheffield.

ON Semiconductor recognizes the vital importance of translating kindness into action, made evident through our recent community initiative. In September 2019, we took action by supporting Human Solutions with the groundbreaking of their latest project, Parkside 106.

Human Solutions is a charitable organization based in East Portland/East Multnomah County, Oregon that collaborates with people and communities affected by poverty by providing affordable housing and community assets to neighborhoods in Gresham, Oregon.

With the assistance of a grant from our Global Giving program, the Parkside 106 project was able to break ground on a building of 75 new rental properties focused on providing housing to low-income individuals and families struggling with housing security and poverty. The building also plans to house a service center and anchor office providing community services and administrative support.

Human Solutions projects that approximately 8,000 people will take part in the housing and income security programs provided through this development project when completed in June 2021. 

ON Semiconductor was excited to support Human Solutions with Parkside 106 and hope our philanthropic impact will further catalyze acts of kindness in the community of Gresham and beyond.

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