The Science of Agronomic Design: A Sustainable Year Story

Sep 28, 2023 4:00 PM ET
A large red tractor and attached tilling tool on a large harvested crop field.
Case IH’s Agronomic Design team works with farmers to ensure the best possible yield from their harvest, with the most efficient use of resources

CNH Industrial’s latest story in the A Sustainable Year series discusses the benefits of agronomic design and soil maintenance being done by its brand, Case IH. In the article, the balance between optimizing maximum yield and maintaining environmental sustainability is addressed, as well as pointing to the seven pillars of agronomy: crop protection, harvest quality, crop residue management, soil tilth, seedbed conditions, seed placement accuracy and plant food availability.

An accompanying interview with Dr. Jonathan D. Witter, Chair of the Horticulture Division and Associate Professor of Agronomy at Ohio State University, spotlights agronomy’s role in addressing the challenge of sustainably producing enough food for a growing global population.

At CNH Industrial, sustainability stewardship is one of its many strategic priorities. By examining the ways its brands can bring about crop yield advantages while also supporting environmental goals, the company maintains its commitment to that priority.

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