Saturday Volunteer Event Caps Three-Year 'Fueling Good, Rebuilding Lives' CITGO/Rebuilding Together Partnership

Apr 19, 2021 10:00 AM ET

Saturday, April 17 marks the culmination of the three-year Fueling Good, Rebuilding Lives charitable partnership between CITGO and Rebuilding Together Houston. Appropriately, TeamCITGO volunteers will gather to repaint a local residence in the Independence Heights community.

Launched to help Houston-area communities in need recover from 2017's Hurricane Harvey, the program has done enormous good in the community, supporting the renovation of more than 186 homes for those in need in the Independence Heights community and surrounding areas.

"The people of CITGO are proud members of the Houston community," said CITGO President and CEO Carlos Jordá, "It's been a privilege to pitch in to help our neighbors in need recover from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey."

For more than three decades in the greater Houston area, Rebuilding Together Houston has repaired the homes of low-income, elderly homeowners – as well as those of veterans and people with recognized disabilities.  

The Fueling Good, Rebuilding Lives program also included a charitable partnership with Habitat for Humanity that helped rebuild 31 homes in Rockport, Texas.

When back-to-back winter storms struck the region in February 2021, CITGO again worked with community organizations to help meet ongoing needs for food and water and medium to long-term assistance for home repair in Houston, Corpus Christi and Lake Charles, La. The Company supported several organizations, including SBP, the Independence Heights Redevelopment Council and Rebuilding Together Houston, with funds for wellness checks, food distribution, plumbing repairs and guidance on completing FEMA applications.

"We can't predict when or where disaster will strike," said CEO Carlos Jordá, "We can be sure, however, that the people CITGO will be ready to lend a hand when it is needed most."


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