A Q&A With Megan Lum, Chair of the 2015 EHS Management Forum

A Q&A With Megan Lum, Chair of the 2015 EHS Management Forum

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 9:30am

This week, NAEM announced that Megan Lum will help lead the planning committee for the 2015 EHS Management Forum. We spoke with her to hear about her plans and what she hopes to bring to the planning process this year.


Q: What is your favorite part about the Forum?

A: It’s hard to choose just one!  I like the sessions that have been geared to mid-career professionals and that I’ve found something useful every time.  I like meeting many of the same people year after year and sharing experiences.


Q: Why did you want to be the Forum chairwoman?

A: Two reasons: One is that in my “regular” job, one of the most fulfilling aspects is taking a team and guiding them to accomplish something great.  I see the Chairwoman role as an expansion of that because I’ll get to work with people from many different companies to build a great Forum.  The second reason is that I’ve had such a good experience working on other NAEM programs I wanted to have that experience working with all those cool people again.


Q: What do you hope to bring to the Forum planning process this year?

A:  I think the Forum is a wonderful experience, so what I want to do is keep building on the Forum’s great reputation and make this year’s Forum something that everyone feels brought value to them, and is just as welcoming to the first time attendee as it is for the person who’s attended for many years.