NAEM Expands EHS&S Excellence Awards as 2019 Nominations Open

Apr 10, 2019 2:05 PM ET

To honor outstanding corporate leaders whose efforts are transforming companies from within, the National Association for Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability Management (NAEM) is expanding its Excellence Awards program in 2019, the association announced today.

The new Leadership in Action award will recognize three individual leaders whose influence have strengthened organizational commitment to EHS&S excellence.

Executive Director Carol Singer Neuvelt said the latest addition to the association’s awards program aligns with the association’s work to empower EHS&S leaders to make a greater impact.

“Inside every company there are unsung heroes who are making invaluable contributions to the company’s operations and to the well-being of employees and the environment alike,” she said. “This award is our way of recognizing the impact they are having.”

NAEM’s Excellence Awards were launched in 2018 to elevate those corporate leaders whose efforts are advancing environmental stewardship, creating safe and healthy workspaces, and promoting global sustainability.

At the 27th annual EHS&S Management Forum this fall in Toronto, NAEM will present one Lifetime Achievement Award, a set of NexGen Leaders awards and three Leadership in Action awards.

Wayne Balta, Vice President of Corporate Environmental Affairs and Product Safety at IBM Corp., who received the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, said the program is a distinct honor.

“NAEM has always been, in my view, an organization that focuses on work that really matters,” he said. “A lot of times the result of the changes that we initiate might not manifest themselves until years later. The work of people’s lives in this arena is work that has a longer-term impact, so to receive an award like this from an organization with that focus, means a whole lot.”

The association is currently accepting nominations through June 21, 2019. To learn more about the criteria or to nominate a peer, visit

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