PYXERA Global Launches 9th Global Pro Bono State of the Practice Survey

Oct 16, 2020 3:25 PM ET

PYXERA Global Launches 9th Global Pro Bono State of the Practice Survey

WASHINGTON, October 16, 2020 /3BL Media/ - We are proud to announce the launch of PYXERA Global’s 9th Global Pro Bono State of the Practice Survey, sponsored by SAP. Since 2010, the Global Pro Bono (GPB) State of the Practice report, formerly called the International Corporate Volunteerism Benchmarking survey, has delivered an overview of program formats, implementation methodologies, evaluation techniques, and best practices in Global Pro Bono. Global Pro Bono programs are corporate-sponsored initiatives aligned to a company’s broader strategy. Participating employees leverage their professional skills to assist social mission-driven host clients such as nonprofits, social enterprises, and government entities on projects that are time-bound and deliverable-based. With survey data dating back to 2008, the longevity of this initiative by PYXERA Global provides a uniquely robust understanding of the practice as it grows and evolves. To participate in the survey, visit:  PYXERA Global 9th Global Pro Bono State of the Practice Survey.

The COVID-19 crisis and other disruptions throughout 2020 have prevented many companies from fielding their traditional Global Pro Bono programs, requiring a shift in how programs are designed and implemented. As a result, this year’s survey looks towards the future, to focus on what Global Pro Bono might look like in future years. The subsequent summary report will highlight the issues and topics stakeholders are actively addressing including best practices, ongoing challenges and opportunities, and valuable insights for the future. Additionally, the survey presents companies with the opportunity to serve as a thought leader on Global Pro Bono and capture learnings and best practices from the exclusive, detailed report distributed only to survey participants.

For a glimpse into what survey results have looked like in past years, take a look at the 8th Global Pro Bono State of the Practice Report, which highlights the top five trends in Global Pro Bono based on data collected from 26 companies, 63 percent of which belong to Fortune’s Global 500. In 2018, in addition to overall growth in the practice area, trends showed that companies are prioritizing social impact, aligning programming with corporate strategy, engaging more internal stakeholders, and increasing impact measurement to make the business case for Global Pro Bono. The report also included a practitioner’s guide for companies keen to pilot a program, and continues to be one of the best sources of information on Global Pro Bono trends, management best practices, business and social impact, and program design since its inception over a decade ago.

“At SAP, we’re always looking forward by understanding evidence-based trends and keeping an eye out for what the future might bring. That’s why we’re excited to sponsor PYXERA Global’s 9th Global Pro Bono State of the Practice, which will provide us with insight into not only the state but also the trajectory of Global Pro Bono. It is vital, now more than ever, to continue to recognize and assess the power pro bono has to drive social impact.  COVID-19 and the global economic crisis has not caused the depreciation of the practice of Global Pro Bono, but rather it has amplified our recognition of its potential, and our responsibility, to alleviate social issues exacerbated by the pandemic. As the sponsor for this initiative, I’m calling on my network across the globe to engage with us by providing your input to the survey so that we might better understand and prepare for the shifting nature of employee engagement and corporate social responsibility,” said Alexandra van der Ploeg, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP.

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