From Competition to Collaboration: Pyxera Global Partners With MovingWorlds To Expand Pro-Bono Support to World-Changing Social Entrepreneurs

PYXERA Global partners with MovingWorlds to Expand Pro-Bono Support to World-Changing Social Entrepreneurs
Jun 1, 2022 5:15 PM ET

In most sectors, organizations that specialize in your niche are viewed as competition. The existing paradigm is: success means outperforming those around you. But for mission-driven organizations like PYXERA Global and MovingWorlds, that paradigm is flipped on its head: no single organization can solve our world's most pressing global challenges in isolation. Moving from a competition to collaboration mindset unlocks new opportunities for impact at scale, and by working together, we can accelerate progress towards our shared goal of a more equitable and sustainable future.

In pursuit of that vision, PYXERA Global is joining forces with SAP and Moving Worlds by partnering with the TRANSFORM Support Hub, a public, private, and social sector initiative to accelerate the work of social entrepreneurs around the world. Moving Worlds is rapidly innovating how entrepreneurs can access strategic business guidance virtually, while PYXERA Global is creating customized in-person engagements that allows entrepreneurs to receive tailored assistance on finite projects from business experts. COVID-19 has changed the face of skills-based volunteerism, and these two implementers, perhaps once considered competitors, are coming together to create a stronger pro bono consulting space that can serve more communities around the world — regardless of how that support is delivered.

The TRANSFORM Support Hub offers social entrepreneurs access to ongoing, flexible pro bono consulting support, as well as coaching, mentorship, and connections to potential corporate partners and funding opportunities. For years, SAP has been a common partner to MovingWorlds and PYXERA Global - through its Acceleration Collective and Social Sabbatical programs, respectively. By convening corporations (including SAP), impact investors, accelerators, social enterprises, and pro-bono professionals all in one place, the TRANSFORM Support Hub has created a meaningful opportunity for MovingWorlds and PYXERA Global to collaborate directly in service of a more integrated and impactful pro-bono consulting sector.

“As our world slowly emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that we continue to meet social entrepreneurs and corporate employees where they’re at. The pro bono consulting space needs flexible and adaptable programming accessible at the pace, duration, and location that best suits individuals. Together with SAP and Moving Worlds, we can support more social enterprises and entrepreneurs than we ever could apart,” said Deirdre White, PYXERA Global CEO.

“Beyond access to capital, social enterprises benefit when they get connected with training, expertise, pro bono consultants, investor connections, and new sales opportunities — by partnering with other mission-focused enterprises like Pyxera, we can compound the impact of our individual contributions in a way that makes it easier for social enterprises to access the support they deserve,” Mark Horoszowski, Co-Founder and CEO of MovingWorlds, shared.

PYXERA Global will make the TRANSFORM Support Hub available to the nearly 500 organizations and social enterprises supported by SAP’s Social Sabbatical, a program jointly designed and implemented since 2012. These organizations are tackling the digital divide in their communities, as well as expanding workforce development and social entrepreneurship. The TRANSFORM Support Hub will also provide SAP employees who are Social Sabbatical alumni an avenue to continue to support entrepreneurs around the world, and flex their skills in the process.

To Quote David Attenborough at COP26, “If working apart we are force powerful enough to destabilize our planet, surely working together we are powerful enough to save it"

Real transformation at the systems level requires collective action. Through this partnership, PYXERA Global and MovingWorlds look forward to combining our unique strengths in service of the social entrepreneurs building a more sustainable future.