Pizza Hut and RBS Slash Water Use with Green Urinals

Developers of Ureco find device has saved companies thousands of pounds this year and improved environmental credentials
Jun 12, 2015 9:05 AM ET

Original article published on Business Green

For companies seeking to slash their water use, the first place they will often look is to the toilet - fitting duel flush systems or waterless urinals.

A growing number of companies, including Rolls Royce, the BBC, Boots and Carillion have started using a small device that fits onto urinals and drastically reduces the number of flushes needed each day.

The device, called Ureco, was developed by UK based HSG. It is a cap that fits onto the urinal and breaks down salts and limescale in urine when it passes through. This produces a bacteria that reduces the number of flushes needed to keep the system clean and also removes the need for chemicals or cleaning agents to prevent costly blockages in the pipework.

Research by HSG released last week suggests that Pizza Hut and RBS have saved around 300 million litres of water this year already by using it. The Ureco requires just four flushes per day compared to most urinal cisterns that are closer to 96 times per day.

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