NPF and Subaru: Addressing Gaps in Exposure, Access, and Opportunity

By Rebecca Watson
Aug 29, 2023 8:10 AM ET

Originally published by the National Park Foundation (NPF).

The National Park Foundation (NPF)'s ParkVentures program supports organizations that help expand access to national parks for historically excluded communities. In 2022, ParkVentures supported over 55 organizations, including Black People Who Hike, a nature and outdoor advocacy group geared towards getting people of color and Black people in outdoor spaces. Tag along on one of their visits to Acadia National Park.

With funding from the National Park Foundation, made possible in part thanks to NPF’s largest corporate partner Subaru of America, Black People Who Hike led programs in six national parks across the country. Hikes and tours in the parks, led by Black People Who Hike, help foster community and a sense of welcome and belonging in the parks. For some of the program participants, this is the first experience visiting a national park.