This New Year Focus on Improving Employees Quality of Life

By: Emerson Foster
Jan 10, 2017 2:15 PM ET
Emerson Foster, Vice President, Human Resources, Corporate Services, Sodexo North America

This New Year Focus on Improving Employees Quality of Life

The New Year is always an excellent time for employers to reflect on the previous year and plan for the coming year.

In doing so, it’s important to also reflect on how your company has prioritized improving employees’ quality of life. Meaning, over the past year, has your organization conducted or implemented initiatives that help employees manage their health and wellbeing? Or, made it easier for employees to manage their work responsibilities, as well as their personal ones (e.g., family care). Other factors that impact employee quality of life include the quality of their work environment, the recognition they receive, and their ability to grow and learn at work.

Initiatives that address these factors improve employees’ quality of life. They also enhance employee engagement.

Studies show that lack of employee engagement impacts workplace performance. That’s why 97 percent of today’s business leaders believe improving quality of life at work is important for improving business performance.

The Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life conducted a study that examines how decision makers across six countries are prioritizing improving quality of life at work. The study found that 68 percent of the leaders think improving quality of life should be viewed as a strategic investment.

So how important is quality of life at your organization?

A commitment to Quality of Life is a strategic imperative for the future of organizations and a key driver of organizational performance. Drawing upon extensive studies of Quality of Life combined with 50 years of experience with clients and employees, Sodexo has identified six dimensions of Quality of Life on which our services can have a real and measurable impact.

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