New Global Trend Survey to Offer Fresh Insights into Mainstream Consumer Perspectives on Green and Sustainability Purchasing Choices

Consumers Are Looking for Brands to Step Up: Companies Better Be Prepared
Feb 24, 2010 1:00 PM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) St. Petersburg, FL - February 24, 2010 - EcoFocus Worldwide, a global research based consulting company established in 2009 by Linda Gilbert, founder and former President of HealthFocus International, announced the launch of a new consumer research study.  The EcoFocus Trend Survey on green and sustainability focuses on the most personal benefits of sustainability choices for mainstream consumers. The goal of the survey is to gain insights into how consumers are and are not choosing to make their homes and lifestyles more eco friendly. Unlike other surveys, the study will focus on the complete bell curve of consumers and look at green and sustainable in terms of consumers’ everyday lives as opposed to concern over global issues such as climate change.       

 “The information gained as a result of EcoFocus’ initial research is new information that we have not seen before,” stated Tiziana Castiglioni, Senior Director, Global Brands, Kelloggs. “It helped us identify things we can do right now that will facilitate the life and understanding of sustainability for the mainstream consumer as well as for our longer term strategic thinking… for us to think where we should put our efforts.”   The Trend Survey is a syndicated, large scale survey designed specifically to provide the data marketers need for making confident strategic branding decisions. The Survey builds on EcoFocus’ prior research into what mainstream consumers are looking for in green, sustainability and wellness choices.   The 2010 study will be conducted in the United States and Europe, with on-going rolling surveys and geographic expansion through the Americas and Asia Pacific by 2013. Preliminary results from the Trend Survey will be released by April 15.   “Our US research shows that consumers’ financial and environmental interests have clearly converged. This means mainstream consumers are looking for products that provide real eco-friendly solutions that help them live more sustainably at a personal level,” stated Ms. Gilbert. “The current economy is making them even more aware of the need to rethink eco-friendly and product and services choices. Consumers expect respected brands to ‘step up’ and any brand not leveraging this window of consumer opportunity needs to look again.”   Companies still have time to place their proprietary questions in the first quarter 2010 EcoFocus Worldwide Trend Survey in the United States.  The deadline is March 5.  For more details, please call or e-mail Sean Lucey at 727-743-2352 or   For more information or to schedule an interview with Ms. Gilbert regarding preliminary and new research findings, please contact Fran Lowe at 510-735-9871 (PST) or Sheryl Zapcic at 717-875-4545 (EST).   About EcoFocus Worldwide EcoFocus Worldwide conducts consumer trend research and provides marketing consulting specializing in consumer perspectives on green and sustainable goods and services as well as insights into the health and wellness marketplace. Clients include companies and services with products that touch consumers in their homes and daily lives: foods and beverages; personal care and cosmetics; household cleaning and home improvements; gardening and pest control; school and home office supplies; transportation; restaurants; packaging and recycling, and other consumer and B2B goods and services   About Linda Gilbert Linda Gilbert, CEO of EcoFocusWorldwide is a published author, expert speaker, founder and former President of HealthFocus International.    Ms. Gilbert is commonly referred to in the industry as the “consumer voice” that keeps them on track with trends impacting their business. She has designed groundbreaking research and created marketing tools in consumer health and wellness, including a consumer segmentation which has been used by clients worldwide since 1990. In 2001, Ms. Gilbert sold HealthFocus. In 2009, she decided to return to her early roots in sustainability when she worked at the Rodale Institute for Sustainable Agriculture after recognizing a need from her health and wellness clients to understand consumer behavior when it comes to green and sustainability. Ms. Gilbert has worked with many multi-national corporations including Unilever, Nestle, PepsiCo, Kraft, Kellogg’s, Tetra Pak, and Campbell’s.    EF4975