EcoAware Moms Reward Organic Brands with Their Highest Eco-Friendly Ratings

Organic and Premium Nutrition Brands Have a Healthy Halo Shining Up Their Sustainability Image Among EcoAware Moms
Sep 15, 2010 2:39 PM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) St. Petersburg, FL -  September 15, 2010 - According to the new EcoFocus Consumer Trend Watch Report: “Are You Ready for EcoAware Moms?”, organic food and beverage brands top the eco-friendly brand ratings chart among EcoAware Moms. Still, EcoAware moms are also expressing concerns about organic products that are over-packaged, over-processed, and over-shipped. To maintain their advantage among EcoAware Moms, EcoFocus recommends that organic brands need to assess their alignment to her priorities for reducing waste, conserving resources, and buying local. 

“EcoAware Moms want the brands they know and trust to offer more choices that are eco-friendly. And they expect the manufacturers who are experts in their categories to be the innovators and creators of eco-friendly and sustainable choices,” says Lisa Harrison, Consumer Insights and Research Leader for EcoFocus.   Organic and premium nutrition brands get the highest eco-friendly ratings from EcoAware Moms, with Bear Naked, Kashi, Cascadian Farms, Amy’s, and Newman’s Own topping their eco-friendly brand list. Similarly, EcoAware Moms rate Stonyfield higher than Yoplait, and SunChips higher than Frito Lay.   “EcoAware Moms respond very positively to how Bear Naked uses fun and humor to invite shoppers to read their labels and encourages them to recycle. The Terracycle packaging used by Bear Naked is new and yet familiar in form, the resealable bag speaks to freshness and convenience, and the graphics are playful,” observes Harrison.     Still, many EcoAware Moms are at a loss as to how to rate the brands they buy and use, with about one in five saying they don’t have enough information to know how to rate the eco-friendliness of familiar food and beverage, lawn and garden, or cleaning brands.   For more information or to purchase a copy of the report “Are You Ready for EcoAware Moms?” please contact Sean Lucey at 727-743-2352, To schedule an interview with Ms. Harrison regarding the research findings, please contact Fran Lowe at 510-735-9871 (PST) or Sheryl Zapcic at 717-875-4545 (EST).   Are You Ready For EcoAware Moms? Consumer Trend Watch Report The 2010 EcoFocus Worldwide Report, is based on extensive interviews with U.S. moms together with the EcoFocus 2010 US Trend Survey of 4,000+ Americans ages 18-65 years. The EcoAware Moms market includes more than 51 million women, 69% of Moms, and has more than $1.45 trillion in buying power.   About EcoFocus Worldwide
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