New Corporate Citizen Magazine Provides Stories of Adaptable Leadership

Feb 4, 2014 9:15 AM ET

New Corporate Citizen magazine provides stories of adaptable leadership

Our upcoming conference provides an opportunity to meet and hear from corporate citizenship leaders who adapt their practice to our evolving business context and navigate through changing environmental, social, and governance business landscapes.While our annual conference provides an opportunity to share and hear these stories in person, you can read about how companies tackle aspects of these issues in our magazine, The Corporate Citizenship. In the magazine, you will read about:

  • Companies such as Umpqua, Panera, Walgreens, and Mary Kay build relationships with employees and customers that increased loyalty, brand equity, and word-of-mouth promotion.
  • Prologis, BBVA Compass, EY, and Nestle share their experience in creating value with high-quality sustainability reporting.
  • AT&T and Deckers Outdoor are driving corporate responsibility throughout their far-flung supply chains—promoting labor and environmental standards in factories not owned by them, across international boundaries.
  • Brown-Forman and McDonald’s, provide examples of how to strike a balance between marketing to sell products and marketing to promote responsible consumption habits among consumers.
  • Companies such as Intel and Microsoft are embracing environmental responsibility and going beyond what is required of them — even stepping into the climate change policy arena.

I am constantly delighted and impressed by the stories I hear from our members. These leaders help to illustrate Churchill’s principle that it is possible to find an opportunity in every challenge. Share your stories here, or write to us at to share your story.