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The Boston College Center is recognized around the world as the place where all companies - from those with a long track record in corporate citizenship to those just getting started - collaborate. The following news articles are examples of collaboration and what is happening in our community.

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Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

From the Corner Office: Perspectives on Corporate Citizenship
Business leaders are aware of the increasingly significant role that corporate citizenship can play in overall business strategy, and how—if effectively aligned—investments can improve performance.


Applied Materials’ Education Initiative Aims to Increase Graduation Rates and Student Success
The forthcoming 2015 Community Involvement Survey illustrates that many companies are addressing relevant social issues, with a prominent focus on K-12 education. The survey shows that nearly 55 percent of companies include education among their top issues for attention and investment.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Securing a Sustainable Supply Chain: Lessons from CSR Research
To address environmental, social, and governance issues effectively, CSR professionals today must look beyond their own operations and deep into their supply chain. How and where are materials sourced? How are the components of products developed? What are the environmental and human rights ramifications of those processes? Issues as serious as child labor, conflict minerals, and climate change can only be effectively tackled when a company’s commitments to corporate citizenship and reporting are adopted by their suppliers and partners.


Heating up the Fight Against Climate Change
Over the past year, the debate about what actions should be taken to halt climate change has continued in earnest. Involvement from experts, religious leaders, companies, activists, and consumers has reached a fever pitch, and governments have responded.


How Companies Can Take Action on Climate Change
Climate change is again trending as a topic within corporate citizenship and the larger business community. The release of Pope Francis’ encyclical, “Laudato Si” (Be Praised), which highlights the impact developed economies are having on our planet and our responsibilities to act, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan, and the upcoming COP21—the 21st Session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change—are creating a buzz.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Volunteer Programs: Developing and Managing an Effective Employee Volunteer Program
Our forthcoming Community Involvement survey finds that among companies that measure, more than 90% of companies with employee volunteer programs see higher employee engagement.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Employee Engagement: Make Your Corporate Citizenship Meaningful to Executives, Managers, and Employees
Employee engagement is key to company performance, leading to positive effects such as higher productivity, improved work quality, and decreased job turnover. Employees want to be involved in their work, enthusiastic about the organization they work for, and committed to their fellow workers. Yet less than a third of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobs in 2014, according to Gallup.

Research, Reports & Publications

GRI’s Reporting 2025: A Look Ahead with Katherine V. Smith
Once the province of a few unusually green or community-oriented companies, sustainability reporting is now a best practice employed by companies worldwide. A full 95 percent of the Global 250 issue sustainability reports, and by doing so gain a competitive edge in every aspect of the triple bottom line.


Corporate Citizenship Progress Through Lifelong Learning
The importance of lifelong learning has been championed by great iconoclasts from Gandhi to Picasso. Through their own curiosity and desire to make things different and better, these people changed the world and the way that subsequent generations think about everything from art to citizenship. In many ways, the work of our members at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is similar. Bringing the assets of business to the table to solve some of our most intractable environmental and social problems demands new ways of thinking about the world.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Driving Engagement and Business Performance: The Role of Employee Volunteering Programs
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