Multipliers of Prosperity: The Rise of Skills-Based Volunteerism

Jun 11, 2018 9:45 AM ET
Campaign: MetLife Foundation
Photo courtesy of Hot Bread Kitchen

Originally published on the Multipliers of Prosperity website.

by MetLife Foundation

Since the company’s founding in 1868, MetLife has strived to strengthen the communities where we work, not only through the core business of protecting life and health but also through philanthropic support for health, education, housing, and, more recently, through MetLife Foundation’s focus on financial inclusion. Philanthropic support is not limited to financial resources. In fact, one of the biggest assets MetLife possesses is the skill and passion of MetLife employees around the world. And one of the most exciting trends in the company is the rise of skills-based volunteerism: opportunities for MetLife employees to take the professional expertise they have developed and apply it for social good.

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