Making the Case for Health: Insights from the First WELL Projects

Sep 26, 2017 10:05 AM ET
In Structure Tone’s New York City offices, an emphasis was placed on natural lighting and healthy food options. (Photo courtesy of Urban Land Magazine)

Originally published on Urban Land Magazine

After years of development, marketing, and promotion, the first WELL-certified projects have hit the market. Early this year, the first WELL office projects opened in New York City, Boston, and Vancouver, joining early adopters in Toronto, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in the growing real estate market for healthy-certified buildings.

With a handful of WELL-certified projects now in operation and hundreds in the certification pipeline, real estate owners and developers are starting to take a hard look at the business case for healthy building certification. From these first few projects, it is clear that this business case is still developing, but it will look a lot different than the one that has driven the green building certification movement to date.

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