Lockheed Martin Refreshes Its Sustainability Management Plan to Guide Progress Through 2020

Aug 23, 2016 11:15 AM ET

After achieving 95 percent of its sustainability goals in 2015, Lockheed Martin is now raising the bar with a refreshed Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) to guide progress through 2020.

Lockheed Martin is uniquely positioned to help solve today’s global challenges because we provide innovative solutions to manage energy resources wisely, strengthen global security and stability, and enable satellite-based technology. Our products and programs can influence sustainable development, and social and economic progress worldwide.

The five new core issues for the new SMP were determined through a series of stakeholder sessions with employees, customers, investors, suppliers and non-governmental organizations. These core issues are our priority areas for sustainability for the next several years:

  • Business Integrity - Advancing ethical conduct
  • Product Impact - Innovating energy, security and telecommunications infrastructures
  • Employee Wellbeing - Competing for a high-performance, inclusive workplace
  • Resource Efficiency - Optimizing our energy, water and materials usage
  • Information Security- Securing data for our operations and our customers

We engaged 50 internal and external stakeholders over six months to develop the new plan. Overall, the consensus-driven plan will help us improve affordability and risk controls, enable efficiencies and business growth, expand a low-carbon economy, strengthen talent and demonstrate how we engineer a better tomorrow.

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