Lenovo Employees Support Clean Water Access Efforts in the Dominican Republic, Nepal, and the Amazon

Lenovo employees participated in service trips with Wine To Water
May 15, 2023 1:25 PM ET

At Lenovo, community engagement and philanthropy are big parts of our company culture. We’re proud to have many employees who are passionate about giving back to under-resourced communities across the globe. Last year, Lenovo Foundation announced a global partnership with Wine To Water (WTW), a non-profit organization that provides access to clean drinking water and hygiene education to communities across the world. Lenovo’s multi-year agreement provides financial support, as well as technology solutions in Nepal, Colombia, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, and North Carolina. Lenovo also invited a select group of employees to volunteer in the field to see first-hand how Wine To Water is making a difference in communities.

Employees representing the Lenovo Foundation – the philanthropic arm of Lenovo – were selected to participate in Wine To Water service trips in Nepal, the Amazon, and Dominican Republic. During the service trips, team members from different backgrounds, departments, and tenure, worked alongside local community members to undertake a range of projects. Volunteers dug trenches, laid pipelines, modeled and distributed ceramic water filters, and taught women and children the about the importance of hygiene.

An important aspect of WTW’s mission is to build relationships with the communities they serve and work hand-in-hand with these communities in often remote, hard to reach places. For many of the Lenovo volunteers, the experience of helping create sustainable change by creating access to clean drinking water left them with feelings of gratitude and empowerment.

“I had a lot of different feelings at the end of the trip; appreciative of the people that we met, inspired to continue service work back home, and empathetic—not sympathetic—for the communities we served. The experience with WTW keeps me grounded and wanting to still give back,” said Kelly Darden, ThinkCentre Product Manager at Lenovo North America. Darden was one of 19 Lenovo employees selected to attend the WTW service trip to the Dominican Republic in January 2023.

To help bring more awareness to WTW and its impact, Lenovo funded the production of Beyond Water, a documentary about Wine To Water’s work and the power of clean water, featuring stories and footage from the service trips to Dominican Republic, Nepal, and the Amazon. Lenovo is promoting the documentary and is hosting screenings across the United States to increase awareness of Wine To Water and its mission of ensuring that all people have access to clean water.

To watch the full documentary, visit https://www.wtw.org/beyond-water-documentary