Lake Forest Baseball Training Academy Doubles as Homeless Youth Center

Apr 27, 2011 4:00 PM ET


The new facility will provide a place for teens to rest, shower, socialize and hunt for jobs.

With his skateboarder T-shirt, Vans sneakers and lanky build, Robert Plante looks like your average Orange County 19-year-old.

But just a year ago, he was homeless and unemployed, crashing on a friend’s couch when he could.

That’s when nonprofit Stand Up for Kids changed his life.

“They helped me find a place of my own, get a phone and get a job,” Plante said as he mingled with friends and mentors at Stand Up for Kids’ new facility in Lake Forest.  “They help a lot. They’re here for us who don’t really have a family.”

To continue reading about the Stand Up for Kids drop-in center, click here.


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