Kimberly-Clark Argentina Presents its 7th Sustainability Report 2014

This report depicts the achievements and results of K-C's Sustainability Strategy 2015 in economic, social and environmental matters.
May 11, 2015 10:30 AM ET

Argentina, May 11, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Kimberly-Clark Argentina presents its seventh Sustainability Report based on the G4 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines. K-C is one of the first companies in the country to adopt the G4 guidelines to report the economic development of its operations within the nation and the impact of its initiatives in both the community and the environment.  

Based on the International Standard ISO 26000:2010, this report provides a summary of Kimberly-Clark's initiatives undertaken throughout the value chain with its more than 1200 suppliers  from whom the company makes 93% of its purchases within the country, ensuring quality, price, service and products reliability. Furthermore, it includes information on challenges overcome and successful achievements in the three main company pillars: People, Planet and Products.

"Our Sustainability Report is a starting point to begin a new year trying to exceed our previous goals and targets. It is primarily a tool for constant improvement”, explains Federico Calello, Country Manager of Kimberly-Clark Argentina.

Fernando Hofmann, Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs Kimberly-Clark LAO – Austral stated that “thinking about Sustainability at K-C means constantly innovating in all categories and products, fostering our employees' growth and improving our internal sustainability management to exert a higher positive impact on the community”.

Under the PLANET pillar, the company managed to reduce water consumption, energy and gas emissions in 2014. In particular, the plant located in Bernal reduced water consumption by 10.6% last year, keeping such percentage below the global limit set for tissue paper production plants. Plants located in Bernal and San Luis also managed to reduce energy consumption by 8 and 4% respectively. Aimed at reducing carbon footprint and waste disposal in sanitary landfills, 20 tons of organic waste were converted into 180 kilos of humus at the company plant located in Pilar in 2014. Presently, the plants located in Bernal and Pilar are not sending industrial waste to landfills, whereas the average industrial waste sent by the plant located in San Luis has amounted to 20% over the total amount of production waste.

Regarding the PEOPLE pillar, in 2014 the company continued working in its program called +comUNIDAD, focused on improving Health, Education and Quality of life. In 2014, the program known as "Learning together", jointly developed with "Fundación Conciencia", offered training sessions to encourage young people insertion in the labor market.  In the last 5 years, more than 40 young people have finished the program. On the other hand, in order to implement preventive and educational measures in health and hygiene, 3.400 patients  were provided with medical assistance at the Sanitary Center established in Pilar and  16 workshops were organized for more than 250 people coming from vulnerable neighborhoods in Las Lilas and Monterrey.  Furthermore, the company continued the afforestation plan of roads leading to different towns in San Luis province under the program called "First impression", framed in the Province Afforestation Protocol and supported by the company since 2011. Such program is focused on fighting global climate change and promoting biodiversity conservation, protection and enrichment.

Moreover, 554 employees took part of different initiatives under the program called +comUNIDAD Voluntariado (volunteering), together with United Way Foundation. Twelve meetings were organized throughout the year.

Finally, under PRODUCTS pillar, the initiatives developed evidenced company's commitment to sustainability.  Launches of special note: Huggies Natural Care eco-friendly bag made of green polyethylene which captures CO2 from the atmosphere and helps reduce CO2 emission, thus contributing to a more sustainable world. Scott Natural Ecological, a new paper towel manufactured with Airflex technology which provides fast water absorption, facilitates hands drying and reduces paper use .

With more than 100 products in the market, Kimberly-Clark continues developing innovations to reduce the impact of its products in the environment. Nowadays, 100% of the fiber used in every process is provided by FSC-certified manufacturers (Forest Stewardship Council). The US FSC emphasized Kimberly-Clark's commitment to woods preservation.

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