Join HEINEKEN’s plenary session on how to intersect sustainability and marketing at Sustainable Brands conference

Sell more by selling less and drive positive impact
Jun 2, 2015 9:00 AM ET
Michael Dickstein

June 2, 2015 /3BL Media/ -

DATE: June 2, 2015
TIME: 11:20 am - 11:35 am Pacific Time
PRESENTOR: Michael Dickstein

How to intersect sustainability and marketing, sell more by selling less and drive positive impact

There is often a noticeable difference in both thinking and behavior between Sustainability teams and Marketing teams. While Sustainability leaders are rallying everyone to ‘save the world’ with them, Marketing executives’ first reaction is to frown at the complex sustainability agendas shoved in front of them. Indeed, marketers can feel that sustainability limits their creativity – after all, sustainability colleagues often seem to bring a dense, grim, wonky load of reality checks and demands. Heineken has been keenly aware of this difference for years and has taken some interesting steps to alleviate this friction.

Michael is a seasoned business support professional with a proven track record in strategic CSR management and stakeholder engagement. In his current role, he is responsible for overseeing and further integrating HEINEKEN’s approach to Sustainable Development, i.e. the Brewing a Better World-programme. Sustainability being part of the six company strategies, this programme is focusing on four key areas: protecting water resources, reducing energy consumption/finding innovative solutions for renewable energy, sourcing sustainably and advocating responsible consumption.