Growing Together: Real Stories of Local Sourcing in Africa

Dec 9, 2014 8:00 AM ET

Our partnering for growth ambition in Africa has made tangible progress over the years – impacting both our business and the communities in which we operate. This collaboration provides real, inclusive growth for the continent. Within HEINEKEN we are deeply convinced that local farmers are helping us to develop our business, “day after day” by growing the agricultural raw materials we need.

To showcase the positive results of our ‘’Partners for growth’’ program we have developed our GROWING TOGETHER campaign based on real stories of farmers working with us.

The picture showcases Théthé Nzoka, a local farmer at Kingabwa, near Kinshasa, who is part of our successful Rice Project in the DRC. Organised together with the Dutch Government and our NGO partner EUCORD, this is an extensive program to help smallholder rice farmers to improve their yields. Considering that local sourcing is not an easy journey, we have been able to deliver concrete results. From 2009 to 2012, the project has redirected 26 million Euros to the local economy, raised local rice production by 62% and increased average income per farmer by 323% in Kinshasa alone. During this period Théthé has been able to use her additional income to send her children to school and set up a small business.Théthé is now even building a new house. She is proud to be the one farmer who represents all the others.

Many people still believe that Africa needs help. We have learnt that Africa can help us. GROWING TOGETHER