IVECO's Ecological Island at Its Plant in Córdoba, Argentina

Sep 17, 2021 5:00 PM ET

IVECO, the commercial vehicles brand of CNH Industrial, is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of alternative fuel vehicles, and is further expanding its eco-credentials at its plant in Córdoba, Argentina.

The brand has created an ‘Ecological Island’, where carpenters craft pieces, which are used in various production and logistics processes, from recycled wood. Under the “5R” concept (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, recover), a large part of the plant’s waste is converted, for example, into wooden slats and recycled plastic that become vehicle components. The Tector, Hi-Road and Hi-Land trucks, will be fitted with recycled maneuverable fenders. Furthermore, Trakker, Hi-Land and Hi-Way models will use recycled wooden slats to fix the spare wheels in shipping configuration.

"These initiatives arise within the framework of the "Great Opportunities" program, which works to deliver the continuous improvement of products and processes with the aim of stimulating the generation, development, introduction and implementation of ideas and solutions to optimize costs and administrative processes. Sustainability proposals are incorporated within this framework, as our products’ impact on the environment and broader society is also important,” stated Lorena Paola Eberhardt, CNH Industrial Environment Coordinator in Argentina.

Benefits for the environment

"Great Opportunities" is a multidisciplinary program involving the Engineering, Purchasing, Environmental and In and Outbound Logistics departments, amongst others.

The program has a dual purpose: reducing the environmental impact of the production facility as well as generating significant reductions in costs, both in terms of processes and the final product.

“We reclaim some 4,800kg of wood per year, reusing wooden packing crates and creating useful slats,” said Eberhardt. “We have also corrugated plastic from packaging, which can be used to replace polycarbonate, which, over the course of the coming months will be recycled and used to produce maneuverable fenders. As such, we will reuse some 3,600kg of corrugated plastic. Our Ecological Island is a source of pride for everyone at the plant, and has almost become a key player in our IVECO truck manufacturing process,” she concluded.