INFOGRAPHIC | Sustainable Business at NRG

INFOGRAPHIC | Sustainable Business at NRG

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Friday, July 20, 2018 - 9:50am

CAMPAIGN: NRG Energy | 2017 Sustainability Report

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

Corporate sustainability governance structure

For sustainability to be embedded into our organizational strategy, it needs to be championed by our business leaders and integrated into our core operations. To ensure executive and operational buy-in, NRG’s sustainability team manages our day-to-day efforts while also developing and guiding long-term strategy.

Further, the sustainability team has access to a CEO-led executive steering committee to guide the development, integration and implementation of our strategy. The committee is available to review strategic priorities throughout the year for specific implementation needs, however in 2017, even though all committee members were consulted and engaged individually, this committee did not formally convene due to the focus on NRG’s Transformation Plan execution.

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