Ignite Employee Engagement with Workplace Giving

Spark! by Benevity: How Companies Can Kickstart Employee Giving and Volunteering
Jan 19, 2011 12:00 PM ET
Increasing employee engagement is a key focus of most companies’ people strategies.   And it’s a complex, multi-faceted challenge without easy answers.  But there are some issues that employees care deeply about - and one is giving back.    Mounting research demonstrates that employees want to work for companies that care and that social responsibility is a consideration in employees’ decisions to join, stay with or leave companies.
  • 81% of employees want their companies to offer matching to support non-profits

  • 77% of employees want their companies to support “Dollars for Doers” programs

  There is also a link between workplace giving and employee engagement.
  • Workplace giving engages employees, increases satisfaction and helps recruit and retain talent

  • 80% of companies that reported that their workplace giving programs were a success cited  “employee engagement and satisfaction” as the reason

Sources: Figures taken from 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study, 2010 LBG report "Workplace Giving Works! Make it Work for You"   Social good programs, including workplace giving, are one proven way for businesses to connect and engage with their employees.   Watch the video to find out why workplace giving matters now, more than ever.   Spark! by Benevity
Spark! is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) workplace giving solution designed to help companies engage their employees through giving back.  Spark! is a plug-and-play solution with flexibility and choices so companies of all shapes and sizes can easily and cost effectively implement year-round employee giving with real-time corporate matching, Dollars for Doers programs, and charitable gift card capabilities.  Find out more at www.benevity.org/spark.

About Benevity

Benevity is a software company that helps businesses realize a greater return on their (increasing) investments in social responsibility, community relations and cause marketing.  Benevity has developed North America’s first embeddable micro-donation platform, enabling socially responsible businesses to engage their customers, employees and corporate partners in optional charitable giving in new ways on their terms. Benevity lets companies integrate user-directed, tax receiptable donations and corporate matching programs into their existing transaction environments, using their own brands and systems. The Benevity platform helps companies build authentic and impactful cause marketing, workplace giving and other social responsibility initiatives that increase engagement, brand differentiation and return on social and community investment. To find out more, visit us at www.benevity.org and view our short video at www.benevity.org/goodness3.0.