Human Cities Project Transforms Neighborhood in Uruguay

Eighty artists have helped to transform a neighborhood in Montevideo, Uruguay, as part of a Human Cities initiative developed by AkzoNobel’s Inca paint brand.
Jan 17, 2017 8:00 AM ET

The eye-catching event saw muralists, graffiti artists and painters take to the streets of La Teja to create murals on more than 40 walls to help brighten up the lives of local people and make their surroundings more liveable and inspiring. The walls were chosen jointly by neighbors and the artists.

Staged over the course of a weekend, the event attracted artists from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba. All those who took part were from the Pintó artists group. They used more than 700 liters of Inca paint to revitalize the neighborhood through the use of essential color.

Commenting on the event – which created huge excitement among the locals – one of the artists said: “Working in the street means generating energy with the people of the neighborhood, transforming the negative into positive, having people identify with the work and learning together. This is bringing love to the people.”

One of the local residents added: “Seeing the walls full of color is different. We want to do things, care for the neighborhood and improve it. Somehow we feel that this is a starting point for making changes.”

Launched in 2014, AkzoNobel’s global Human Cities initiative aims to help the world’s cities deliver a stronger sense of community purpose, pride and happiness.

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