How to Help Clients Fulfill Insurtech Resolutions in the New Year

How to Help Clients Fulfill Insurtech Resolutions in the New Year

An Aflac executive makes the case that brokers should expect insurers to offer customers a good digital experience.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2021 - 10:35am

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By Stephanie Shields

The new year is traditionally a time to refresh our minds, renew our resolve and set goals for the next 12 months. After the global pandemic impacted holiday celebrations across America, it’s fair to wonder whether this new year has had the same restorative effect it usually does — not only in our personal lives, but professionally, as well.

Case in point: Insurance brokers and agents might typically spend their January reviewing industry trends and determining how best to advise clients in the coming year. The stark reality is that it seems this past year has been overshadowed by industry shifts due to COVID-19.

Once the pandemic began to complicate the physical aspects of our lives like work, social gatherings and even holidays, Americans’ long-standing gradual shift to digital platforms quickly took a dramatic turn — including in the insurance industry.

Employers that recognize the positive effect that benefits satisfaction can have on employee recruitment and retention may be looking for ways to upgrade their digital capabilities in the coming year to help meet new expectations.

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