Highlights From Cross Sector Day at the Global Pro Bono Summit

What we learned and what's next for the pro bono movement
Jun 18, 2019 4:20 PM ET

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How has the pro bono movement made an impact across sectors and around the globe? And how can we keep pushing the field forward? Pro bono experts from companies, nonprofits, and intermediary organizations all came together at the Global Pro Bono Summit—hosted by Taproot Foundation—to answer these questions and more.

Download the Global Pro Bono Summit Upshot to explore all that we learned, including:

  • Scaling a pro bono program starts with internal storytelling. In one of the day’s breakout sessions, attendees shared their insights on running and scaling a global pro bono program. One theme emerged across sectors—sharing stories helps to build the essential “pro bono champions” who will fight for stronger programs. 
  • One of the most important intangible benefits of pro bono: empathy. The importance of empathy played a large role throughout the day, revealing a connection between pro bono and our changing economy. 
  • Pro bono can play a key role in the world’s most urgent issues—as long as it’s delivered in a strategic, community-focused way. At one of the day’s breakout sessions, experts discussed the fact that disasters are on the rise globally, and that delivering support in a strategic, community-focused way is necessary. This imperative is valuable regardless of issue area or crisis. 

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