Highlights From Corporate Day at the Global Pro Bono Summit

What we learned and what's next for the pro bono movement
Jun 21, 2019 1:30 PM ET

Download the Global Pro Bono Summit Upshot

Corporate Day at the Global Pro Bono Summit—hosted by Taproot Foundation—was built on connections, looking at pro bono as a piece of a company’s broader philanthropic puzzle. And through this lens, practitioners across companies and industries collaborated and innovated with their peers on how they can truly maximize the impact pro bono has on the communities
they serve.

Download the Global Pro Bono Summit Upshot to see all that we learned and what's next, including: 

  • Corporate pro bono is on the rise. The day kicked off with an inspiring conversation with CECP, taking an in-depth look at the CSR landscape and the role pro bono plays in it.
  • We know pro bono has an impact, but measuring that impact is a challenge. Companies are eager to see if their CSR work is helping to achieve their business objectives and corporate values—and they need to be able to tell the story of their philanthropy through data.
  • Building cross-sector understanding is never done. When that cross-sector understanding is intentionally developed, it plays a key role in helping employees invest in each phase of a pro bono project and co-create together with their nonprofit partners. 
  • Storytelling is a “must-do,” not a “should do.” The best way to demonstrate the value of pro bono is to regularly showcase the wins, look for external validators, and now that informal stories are often as valuable as formal communications.

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