Helping to Deliver Catalytic Care to Women in Benin

Nov 8, 2018 1:20 PM ET

The Pfizer Foundation* is proud to partner with organizations like CARE in underserved areas around the world to create sustainable solutions that help improve women’s health and access to family planning.

Beginning in 2015, we worked with CARE to launch an initiative that would do just that. Together, we focused on a simple question: how can we best deliver education and care for family planning that optimizes local health capacity in Benin and helps women to make safe, confident health decisions?

The result: a three-year collaboration with the Benin Ministry of Health on HIN NOU VIVO! (“Wellbeing of the Family”), an innovative program delivering integrated services to women in the Adjohoun-Bonou-Dangbo health zone. This integrated delivery model enables women to receive family planning at the same time their children are vaccinated, and the impact of the program has been emboldening.

To date, the uptake of family planning services in the program’s region has doubled, with more than 8,000 women opting to start a modern contraceptive method since the initiative began in 2016. More than 34,000 women have participated in education sessions when they brought their children for routine immunizations, which in turn has led to over 50,000 children receiving vaccinations. Beyond the numbers, staff have also reported more positive attitudes towards contraception and greater willingness among women to discuss their options.

Learn more about how we’re working with CARE to help empower women through integrated health services:

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