Green-e Launches New Green-e Direct Renewable Energy Certification Option

Organizations contracting directly for renewable energy or installing on-site generation can now have their renewable energy Green-e certified
Dec 2, 2014 5:30 PM ET

San Francisco, December 2, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Center for Resource Solutions today announced the launch of a new Green-e® certification option designed for organizations that build generation themselves or contract for renewable energy directly from clean generation facilities. Apple Inc. is the first company to participate in Green-e Direct.  Green-e is certifying the energy that Apple generates and purchases directly from solar, wind, and geothermal sources. Apple does this to meet its renewable energy goals—which include 100% renewable energy for all US Apple-owned and -operated facilities, including corporate facilities, retail stores, and data centers.

Green-e worked closely with Apple to develop the new certification option.  Called Green-e Direct, the new option offers independent, third-party oversight over the renewable electricity's chain of custody, from generation to retirement. Green-e Direct also offers participants assurance that the electricity will not be double-counted or double-claimed by regulations or other electricity users, and confirmation that the electricity meets the environmental quality requirements in the Green-e Energy National Standard.

"We developed this new Green-e certification option so that renewable energy leaders like Apple can have the assurances and recognition of Green-e certification for their direct renewable energy purchases and onsite generation," said Jennifer Martin, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions, which administers the Green-e program. "We are excited to continue working with Apple as they set the example for companies looking to power their operations with 100% renewable energy."

Apple will also be presented with two 2014 Green Power Leadership Awards tomorrow at the annual Renewable Energy Markets conference in Sacramento, CA. The company is winning an award for Green Power Market Development, presented by Center for Resource Solutions, and Green Power Partner of the Year, presented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Green-e Direct is intended to encourage long-term commitments by organizations that want to reduce the environmental impact of their electricity use, while providing a way to help recognize and promote leading companies that invest in clean energy. Renewable electricity certified through Green-e is subject to an extensive third-party verification process that ensures the energy meets the highest standards for quality in North America, and is eligible for use in a wide range of environmental standards, including LEED, B Corp., and Cradle to Cradle.

“Large purchasers are increasingly looking to drive greater impact with their renewable energy purchases and investments,” said Bryn Baker, Manager of Renewable Energy for the nonprofit World Wildlife Fund. “As they pursue contracts directly with renewable energy facilities or develop onsite themselves, Green-e Direct provides a way to validate the impact of that procurement in the broader marketplace.”

"Green-e Direct reduces some of the complexity and uncertainty for companies that contract directly for clean energy," said CRS Executive Director Jennifer Martin. "They want a clear message to their stakeholders about the difference they are making, and we can guide them through the complicated tracking and claims process, while certifying their clean energy use."

Green-e Direct is available through Green-e, a nonprofit certification program that certifies renewable energy that meets environmental and consumer protection standards developed in conjunction with leading environmental, energy, and policy organizations.

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