Green Business League Honored

Mar 16, 2011 11:00 AM ET

Green Business Views

One of the several recognition awards as a recognized EcoVisionary was awarded to the Green Business League.  The Green Business League has proven to be the standard of Green business certification and has recently rolled out the Green Path software that will change the face of Green compliance.  In light of years of credible performance and the innovation of the Green Path, the EcoVisionary Award was presented at the Loews conference center on March 9th.

Numerous other notable companies were also honored for the leadership demonstrated in their fields.  TerraCycle, MetLife, Office Depot, Syntek, Bright Point, Peckham, RD Fresh, were a few of the other award winners in this Miami Beach presentation.

The Green Business League team spoke about the challenges faced by the marketplace.  America has long been awash with greenwashing tactics, bogus certifications, and meaningless criteria for a Green business.  Green Business League stands in rare company as one of the few certification programs that have a serious audit of all Green business certifications.

The introduction of the Green Path software is an industry innovation because the door is now open for all businesses to proudly enter into the coalition of Green businesses that has otherwise served only the few wealthy firms that could qualify for LEED or ISO.  The Green Path software is offered online and without charge to businesses in every community.

While certification is still offered only through a live audit by a trained professional, the ability to engage the Green program is freely available.  Cities and communities may adopt the Green Path program and pass it free along to all area businesses.  The Green Business League wants you to Join us on the Green Path.”


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