Non-Toxic Green Cleaning Advice

May 31, 2011 10:00 AM ET

Green Business Views

In a convenience-driven world, it is so much easier to grab whatever you need from the store shelf.  What is not being addressed is the long-term health impact of using chemically-based cleaning and household products.  Any discussion about how well the products work is a foregone conclusion.  Most popular products will do the job that they were designed to do.  So, it is just as well to ignore the hype and brag of brands promoted on the media.


Candace Richmond is a former RN and mother of three boys.  Like most people, she came to better information after struggling with health conditions that were made worse by common products around the house.  She has taken her years of research and experimentation to write a rather remarkable book.  This is nearly a encyclopedia of information compacted into about a 120 page book.  This is something to get and keep as a reference guide for Green cleaning in the home.

I’d also like to add that this $19.95 book will pay huge dividends beyond the health aspect.  All those commercial cleaning products are expensive.  Some suggest that more than 10% of your food bill goes into cleaning products.  Making your own cleaning products will not only protect the health of your home and family it will reduce your grocery store bill in a big way.

Naturally Green Clean has been recently revised to include pest control as well.  As she notes, we have been spraying low-level toxins in our homes and offices for years beleiving that the danger was infinitesimal.  Anyone reading the labels of cleaning and pest control product is forced to realize that the risk is actually substantial and frankly impending.  See:


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