The Green Business League Opens A Chapter In Los Angeles

Apr 22, 2011 11:00 AM ET

Green Business Views

What has been missing in the success of Green business development?  While there are many possible answers to the question, I feel that most answers a too niched, overly complex, and just too expensive.  It doesn’t take much to discourage people when it comes to making changes to achieve a Green business status.

We are pleased to announce the latest GBL Chapter in Los Angeles, CA.  Keith French of Green Path LA has established a strong program of Green business encouragement.   Keith is also a Certified Green Consultant and a GBL chapter director.

One of the smartest programs offered is The Green Path program that allows any size business to start on the Green Path without charge.  The Green Path is a preliminary review of the company’s Green practices that are set up in a checklist style review.  The Green Path software will track the accumualted points that can lead to a highly respected Green business certification once a review of the practices has been accomplished.

The Green Business League is looking for Green entrepreneurs to work as Green consultants in the various cities Califiornia as it launches its Green cities campaign.  Instead of weak and unaudited programs pretending to be a Green certification.  The Green Path program can be adopted by any sity without charge, used by businesses without charge, but have the support of a national standard or benchmark for certification.  This is gaining good popularity in states like Florida, New York and Illinois.  California has long led in Green programs, and The Green Path can be the next stage of serious Green endeavor.

A training class for Certified Green Consultants will be held on May 26-28th in Los Angeles.  The training is for serious Green entrepeneurs who would feel they have the ability to reach cities with a proven and effective Green business program.  Find out more about the classes at:


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