Exciting Green Career for 2011 Job Market

Apr 14, 2011 11:05 AM ET

Green Business Views

The Green Business League is building the most impressive Green Consultant and auditing force in the country with international offices growing as well. Most experts admit that the Green program has not yet caught fire, but is showing signs of becoming a mainstay of American business. More than a decade of Green rhetoric and token efforts is no longer good enough. More and more companies are asking, “Are you Green certified?” (And they don’t mean did you buy a Green logo off the Internet). By the way, no one should accept flimsy un-audited certifications anyway.

The Green Consultant training program is excellent. More than 400 people have taken this training, but that is only a drop in the bucket since there are 27 million businesses in America that need to Go Green in a real way. But, there is something even more impressive than the education, and that is the marketing insight that allows a Green consultant to have to tools needed for success.

The Green Path software can create a viral takeover of a community or city, because it is free to use and very well done. The CSO program allows the distance training of onsite Green officers for any size company. The new Green auditor program encourages accountants to assist in Greening their customers, and the new EcoAmbassador program reaches into schools and colleges. Each and every one of these tools will drive your consultant business to the dominant for in your community.

Classes are localized to minimize travel. Los Angeles will be have a Certified Green Consultant training on May 26-28th. Miami will have a training class on June 16-18, and the New York area will be on July 14-17. Find out more at www.CertifiedGreenConsultant.com.  The best candidates for program are proactive types that enjoy working with businesses.

This training has been well received by LEED APs and those already going Green or environmental consulting because of it strong marketing component.  The Green Business League is a leading international brand when it comes to Green business certification, and has a strong list of impressive businesses using the GBL certification program.  Take a look at their credibility page.


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