EcoVisionary Award for the Green Business League

EcoVisionary Award for the Green Business League

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 - 10:00am

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Office Depot was represented by Yalmaz Siddiqui at the event.  Office Depot has been making great strides in environmental engagement.  Office Depot participates in the Green supply chain by its three value-chain concepts of Buying Green, Being Green and Selling Green.

TerraCycle's purpose is to eliminate the idea of waste. They do this by creating national recycling systems for the previously non-recyclable TerraCycles goal is to find ways to "Recycle the Un-Recycleables" That's Eco Vision!  Albe Zakes received the award for TerraCycle's efforts.

Hanesbrands, Inc. was an easy selection as an EcoVisionary Award winner. They were chosen as Energy Star Partner of the Year in 2010, have achieved 30% renewable energy usage and have an entire line of EcoSmart Yarn and Fibers. Hanesbrands takes environmental leadership in business seriously.  Matt Hall was present to receive the award for Hanesbrands.

RD Fresh is a new and exciting company offering all food services a solution that will prolong fresh foods and meat during shipping and storage. This will save millions of tons of unnecessary food waste.  Steve Gerson was present to receive the award.

Metlife has committed to driving efforts that address sustainability, reduce our carbon footprint and invest in ventures that will have a positive impact on the environment. As an industry leader and a growing, global enterprise, Metlife states: "As our business is built on promises, we recognize the tremendous importance of making yet another promise for the future by ensuring our world remains a healthy and vibrant place for the many generations to come." John Chambers and Josh Wiener accepted the award for MetLife

Integrated Green Technologies is an innovator in paint and corrosion protection with amazing products that are environmentally friendly and require no solvents, heavy metals, or thinners. Powder coating of surface provide extraordinary marine, food service, and commercial applications with minimal downtime. Rick Buell accepted the award for IGT.

Syntek Global offers a solution to the fuel problems that all counties face. Reducing air pollution, lowering operating costs, and improving mileage are the kind of innovative thinking that is needed now. The Syntek program reaches out to the business community with a powerful way to treat fuel and improve the environment as well.

Engineered Tax Services offers IRS-sanctioned services include Energy Tax Credits, Energy Policy Act Certifications (179D Studies), Cost Segregation Studies, Historic Tax Credits Studies, Engineering Insurance Appraisals, Energy and Carbon Audits. The perfect combination of tax and environmental insight.  Cindy Lucas was present to receive the award for ETS.

The Education Foundation of Harris County (EFHC) supports innovative educational initiatives and out-of-school time programs benefiting students and teachers. Recognized by the IRS as a 501c(3) public charity, the Education Foundation was chartered in 1994 in partnership with the Harris County Department of Education.  Douglas Kleiner was on hand to receive the award for Educatioanl Foundation.

Brightpoint's partnership with Flipswap shows it's commitment to keep electronic waste out of landfills and offer consumers alternative disposal methods for their unwanted devices.This program not only addresses the problem of e waste but creates environment awareness in it's customers that will create positive cultural change. Mijan Milan was present to receive the award.

The Green Business League was surprisingly pleased to receive the award for its efforts at Green business certification by a proven audti and its innovative software program called The Green Path.  This software is offered without charge to cities and communities that wish to promote a powerful Green program that all communities businesses may employ.

Congratulations to all the winners of the EcoVisionary Awards, and the work for EcoVisionary Awards 2012 has already begun.  If you know of a worthy company that is making a notable difference in its industry, submit their name to



Michael Jay
Green Business League