GoDaddy 2023 Sustainability Report: A Message From Our Chief Executive Officer

May 9, 2024 10:00 AM ET
Aman Bhutani, CEO GoDaddy, seated outside on steps with five other people.

Originally published in GoDaddy's 2023 Sustainability Report

By Aman Bhutan
Chief Executive Officer, GoDaddy

A Message From Our Chief Executive Officer

Our mission to “Empower entrepreneurs everywhere, making opportunity more inclusive for all” is the driving force that brings us together. Most of GoDaddy’s customers are microbusiness owners with fewer than 10 employees. According to our Venture Forward research, more than half of them are solopreneurs, both business owners and employees themselves. They are resilient and inspiring, making a difference for their families, with approximately one in three contributing 51% or more to household income. In the U.S., they also elevate their local communities by adding seven jobs per microbusiness entrepreneur at the county level.

Our Customers 

We support our customers and foster inclusive entrepreneurship with innovative technology and best-in-class human-centered guidance. In 2023, we took innovation for our customers to new heights with the launch of GoDaddy Airo™. GoDaddy Airo™ helps our customers using AI technology to, in just a few moments, find unique names for their businesses, automatically create website options, email addresses, social posts, and much more. It has never been easier for GoDaddy customers to get started with their ideas or grow their existing businesses. And, when our customers need help, our Guides are there to provide personalized guidance. In 2023, we engaged customers through more than 8.5 million inbound voice conversations and sent nearly 5 million texts and messages.

Our Employees 

At GoDaddy, we are very proud of our employees, their hard work and execution, and I am confident in the opportunity in front of us, our talent and, our drive for continuous improvement. The GoDaddy Leadership Team is a diverse group and represents leaders from many different parts of the world. As a Leadership Team, we are committed to providing all our employees with opportunities to learn and develop in their careers to achieve their full potential. GoDaddy also has a remarkable track record with 2023 marking the ninth consecutive year of global gender pay parity and the seventh consecutive year of ethnicity pay parity in the U.S. As our business grows globally, our workforce is also expanding globally, and we remain committed to pay parity and ensuring that our workforce reflects the diverse set of customers that we serve.

Our Operations 

We use a mantra “fewer things better” within our operations. As a part of this, we took on the significant challenge to redesign and simplify our data centers and office spaces with the dual goal of cost savings and reduction in our scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, from a 2019 baseline. We are happy to share that we achieved our emissions reduction goal two years earlier than planned. As I think about the year ahead, our goal is to make even greater strides on our sustainability journey by continuing to embed sustainability in our strategy, aligned with our operational practices. Through innovation and discipline, GoDaddy team members will continue to create value for our customers, stockholders, employees, and communities.

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About this Report 

The GoDaddy 2023 Sustainability Report details our progress toward our corporate sustainability goals, strategies, and initiatives in support of our overarching corporate mission and values. Unless otherwise noted, this report reflects our corporate sustainability performance across our global operations covering the fiscal year period from January 1 to December 31, 2023. To demonstrate our commitment to transparent communication regarding our sustainability progress, we routinely share updates through our website and our annual Sustainability Report. We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback on this report by contacting

This report references the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and includes select Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) metrics for the Internet Media and Services sector. We also disclose our contributions and progress toward priority UN SDGs. For additional information on how we align with these frameworks and key indicators demonstrating our sustainability performance, please review the Frameworks and Metrics section.