G3ict Recognizes AT&T’s Corporate Accessibility Technology Office as an Industry Model

G3ict Recognizes AT&T’s Corporate Accessibility Technology Office as an Industry Model

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Friday, October 11, 2013 - 3:00pm


Since December 2012, when AT&T launched the Corporate Accessibility Technology Office (CATO), the organization has experienced great success. 

The organization was established to lead AT&T’s efforts to meet the needs of customers with disabilities and since the office opened, it has already processed over 11,000 requests for accessibility review.  I am pleased to announce that in recognition of these efforts, the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs (G3ict) has honored this team’s tireless work by publishing a white paper that highlights the organization, its structure and its successes.

In the paper, G3ict describes how CATO builds on AT&T’s strong record of industry leadership on accessibility and how the organization has a unique position that enables it to coordinate accessibility efforts across business units and collaborate with project managers throughout the company. 

The paper also highlights how this focus on collaboration can be seen in CATO’s outreach to existing organizations, such as the AT&T Advisory Panel on Access and Aging, as well as to new partners in the disability community to identify the most effective ways to achieve accessibility.

For any company seeking to be competitive today, accessibility is more than just a legal obligation; it is an economic imperative.  Americans with disabilities already control $220 billion in annual discretionary spending power[1], and their share of the economy will only become more significant over time. 

Additionally, the market for accessible technology is especially favorable in the telecommunications industry, where adults over 50, a group disproportionately affected by disabilities, remain a wireless segment with growth potential.

I am honored to be leading an organization that is helping our business as well as our customers and congratulate our entire team for the recognition that they have received for their hard work. 

The accomplishments so far have been remarkable and I am extraordinarily optimistic about the incredible positive impact this organization will have AT&T and its customers.  Thank you to the entire company for making this endeavor possible and helping to drive these efforts forward.

[1] http://www.witeck.com/wp/files/Americas-Disability-Market-at-a-Glance-FINAL-5-25-2006.pdf