The Flexible Workplace in 2012

How important is workplace flexibility to you? Sodexo Marketing Mgr. Kelly Raw blogs about the importance of flexibility.
Jan 11, 2012 3:23 PM ET

Getting Flexible in 2012

As I started this brand new year, I reflected back on 2011 and thought to myself: “Am I taking advantage of every possible opportunity that I have?”.  Many of us have opportunities to be involved in our communities or our companies and often may not take full advantage of them.  I reflected on my opportunities with Sodexo, a company that I have worked for over 4 years and am proud to be a part of.  I then went to the Sodexo website and was instantly reminded of all the great things our company does. The Sodexo Foundation, countless sustainability initiatives across the country and across the world, and mentoring programs.  It’s so nice to say that I work for a company that has values and goals that align with my own.

I was already aware of much of what Sodexo does, but was not aware of all the opportunities through the Flexibility Works! program that is available for employees.  I knew that the team I worked with at the unit level would be okay for the occasional doctor’s appointment or leaving to pick someone up at the airport, but I had no idea that our company has a more structured way of adding flexibility to our lives.  With the Flexibility Works! program, one can consider both occasional scheduling, as well as propose an alternative work schedule which fits both their personal and professional life.  I am only a few years into my professional career but have often wondered, what will happen with my work schedule if I have a baby in the years to come?  What if I’d like to coach a little league team?  It’s so nice to know that the company I work for has already thought of that for me.  This boosts morale and can benefit the business at the same time. 

After discovering this awesome flexible opportunity offered by Sodexo, I decided to ask a few friends of mine if their companies offered something similar.  A formal flexibility program was not offered by their companies and they began asking if Sodexo was hiring after finding out about the program!  It’s reassuring that my job does not have to be 9-to-5 every day (or 8-to-8, depending on the day!).  Sodexo does such a nice job of helping those in need across the country with the Sodexo Foundation and with the sustainability efforts, it’s nice to know that they are constantly finding ways to improve the lives of people both internally and externally.

Kelly Raw is a marketing manager for Sodexo’s Campus Services Division.