Fast Food’s Franchising Dilemma

Jul 17, 2015 10:10 AM ET

Originally published on Pro Bono Australia

A web of franchisees is proving a challenge for an Australian fast food icon as it seeks to build its CSR program, writes Nadia Boyce in this week’s Executive Insight.

Fried chicken empire KFC has operated in Australia since 1968. The company now employs around 30,000 Australians in more than 600 stores across the country, many run by franchisees.

As it looks to ramp up its CSR efforts, The company now faces the dilemma of how best to include franchisees and tackle the raft of issues pertinent to the food industry, including activist lobbying, nutrition, supply chain and food waste.

The company has established an executive level CSR steering committee, which comprises the heads of various departments and meets monthly to work on implementing the firm’s CSR which centres on four key pillars:  food, community, environment and people.

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