Even Doc Brown Couldn't Predict Taproot+! #BackToTheFuture

Oct 29, 2015 11:10 AM ET
Campaign: Pro Bono Week

Maybe Doc Brown nailed it with his Back to the Future predictions about video chatting, drones, self-driving cars, and the Cubs in the playoffs (albeit briefly) but Taproot+ was far too futuristic.

Who could have foreseen a time when:

Any nonprofit organization from anywhere in the country could hop on their laptop and connect to marketing, finance, strategy, design, HR, and IT professionals,  who bring just the right expertise, time, talent, and commitment to address a pressing organizational need (wait for it) all pro bono. Donated professional consulting services for social good. Learn more about Taproot+.

$2Million of Pro Bono Service Delivered Since Launch 1 Year Ago!
Launched just one year ago, Taproot+ has already engaged over 900 nonprofits and 2,000 skilled volunteers to deliver a value of $2M in pro bono service. The power of Taproot+ is the collaboration between nonprofits and business professionals that is strengthening communities and driving social change around the country. With leadership support from the Citi Foundation, this innovative platform is now changing how nonprofits and professionals can access pro bono resources.

“Taproot’s new online platform is a great option for nonprofits with small projects or discreet problems to solve, where advice and special skills are offered through a streamlined, one-to-one format with experts in the field.” Rhonda Wilkins, CEO, Beauty Bus Foundation.

In the spirit of Doc Brown, Taproot Foundation continues to test new ways to bring Taproot+ to more nonprofits, to support the growing demand as far as Doc Brown fans can see. 

You don’t even need the DeLorean to get to Taproot+.