Essity: How a Holistic Approach to Sustainability Is Driving a Healthier World

Oct 31, 2022 10:00 AM ET

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Essity is part of news agency Reuters VISION 2045 campaign, celebrating the United Nations (UN) turning 100-year in 2045. A groundbreaking documentary series from companies around the world is released this year.

The purpose is to showcase how businesses are progress on the Sustainable Development Goals and positive progress to society and the UN targets at large.

The below speakers are featured in the Essity documentary: 

  • Tuomas Yrjölä, President Global Brand, Innovation and Sustainability

  • Anna Brodowsky, VP Public Affairs

  • Anke Renz, VP Research & Development

  • Christian Carlsson, Site Manager Lilla Edet

  • Donato Giorgio President, Global Supply Chain

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