Deloitte Celebrates 15th Annual IMPACT Day

Jun 27, 2014 9:05 AM ET

Original blog by Claire Meyer on U. S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

As a little girl, I figured my parents would tackle poverty, hunger, and natural disaster – if they were able to tie shoes and pour Cheerios they could do anything. But now, as a (semi) adult, I realize that I am responsible for solving the world’s problems. YIKES. I’ll have to find a cape…Or maybe just a blue t-shirt?

June 6th of this year was Deloitte’s 15th Annual IMPACT Day during which employees, clad in blue tees, teamed up with local organizations and nonprofits to serve the world in just about every way imaginable -  they revitalized neighborhood parks, led resume and interview workshops, volunteered at children’s hospitals, planted rooftop gardens, and served meals to the homeless, just to name a few. Deloitte’s storify page serves as a digital scrapbook for IMPACT DAY. The page amasses mentions from across the web, putting names, faces, and pictures to this broad scale outreach. Terra Atkinson writes “thanks to Deloitte employees #impactday for an absolutely amazing event for #makeawish families!” David Betts, a Deloitte Consulting Principal, tweets “Working with local entrepreneurs to make a social impact and address hunger in Pittsburgh at #IMPACTDay with @DeloitteUS.”

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Original source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation