De Beers Group Provides a Solution for a School's Crowded Classrooms

Pupils at a primary school in South Africa have three new classrooms thanks to some heavy lifting machinery from De Beers Group’s Venetia mine.
Jan 3, 2018 8:30 AM ET

De Beers Group provides a solution for a school's crowded classrooms

The mine sent in a lowbed truck and crane and partnered with local contractors to transport unused mobile classrooms from Alldays High School to the nearby Alldays Primary School in Limpopo Province, saving the school R150,000, which is what it would otherwise have cost to move them.

The move took three weeks – because it had to be fitted in between operations at Venetia mine.

School Principal Moyahabo Sebata praised De Beers Group for its assistance, saying: “It is a relief for us as teachers and learners. Our classrooms were congested and we are now able to move around and are better able to control the learners.”

Before these new classrooms arrived, 105 grade 5 (aged 12-13) students at Alldays Primary School shared a single class, and others in the school shared similarly crowded classrooms.  Now class sizes at the school, which has about 1,000 pupils, have been reduced to just over 50 children per class.

Corporate Affairs Manager Josephine Pieters at De Beers Group said: “We and our contracting partners welcomed the opportunity to come on board as a partner to improve the learning environment for these learners and give them a better chance at achieving academic success.”

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