#CSRChatting with Susan McPherson

#CSRChatting with Susan McPherson

By Lora Phillips, Senior Manager, Global Corporate Responsibility, Symantec
Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 9:45am

Last Thursday, Symantec’s Vice President of Corporate Responsibility Cecily Joseph had the opportunity to join Fenton's #CSRChat on Twitter for a live discussion on Symantec’s corporate responsibility strategy and program.

Hosted by Fenton’s Susan McPherson, award-nominated #CSRchats are bi-weekly Twitter conversations centered around important topics in corporate responsibility. Past #CSRChats have featured discussions around corporate philanthropy, crisis management and transparency, disaster relief, water sourcing, and environmental reporting.

We won’t lie, it was our first time in the driver’s seat of a live Twitter chat and we were a little nervous about how it would play out. But it was as engaging, insightful, and fun as we thought -- so much that we wanted to share it again with everyone!  

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