CooperCompanies Contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Mar 4, 2022 3:30 PM ET

Originally published in CooperCompanies Environmental, Social, and Governance R…

As a global consumer medical device company, we recognize the powerful role we can play in contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a collection of 17 interconnected global goals that promote a better and more sustainable future for all. The SDGs provide a framework for Cooper’s ESG strategy, help guide our priorities, and provide an opportunity to demonstrate how our products and purpose link directly to broader societal aspirations.

Our current efforts focus on three SDGs, #3 Good Health and Well-being, #12 Responsible Consumption and Production, and #17 Partnership for the Goals, which we believe to be most relevant to our organization and where we can contribute in the most meaningful way. We plan to conduct further analysis of our ESG commitments to help determine where we can do more to support the SDGs.

#3 Good Health and Well-being


  • Develop life-changing solutions to address health challenges, with continuous focus on product quality and patient safety
  • Foster an inclusive, healthy, safe, and engaged workforce

#12 Responsible Consumption and Production


  • Sustainably manage and reduce the environmental impacts of our operations
  • Integrate sustainable design innovations into our products and packaging

#17 Partnership for the Goals


  • Collaborate with customers, suppliers, and communities to accelerate social and environmental improvements
  • Foster partnerships with charitable and other organizations to address unmet healthcare needs

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