Collaboration is Key to Scaling Regenerative Agriculture

Collaboration is Key to Scaling Regenerative Agriculture

By Roya Sabri

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Image credit: Kenneth Schipper Vera/Unsplash

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 - 10:35am

Applegate is finding that its progress is dependent on collaboration amongst the like-minded — farmers, retailers and fellow companies working together to create a better food system — something that Savory helps to facilitate. 

This type of collaboration goes beyond the food supply chain. Making use of every output from regenerative farms allow farmers to earn more income, providing return on the initial investment required to transition to a regenerative system. This means participation from companies in other industries — which can use these outputs for their products — can help scale these systems further. 

For example, fellow Savory Institute partner Timberland recently released its first boot line made with leather from regenerative farms that incorporate animal agriculture. Pet companies can also use offal, or offcuts, to improve circularity. This “collaborative utilization,” as Asoudegan calls it, also allows each company to offer its products for a lower price. But affordability isn’t the only benefit to the customer: Animals grown on healthier pastures produce healthier and tastier food, and a more secure food supply chain benefits everyone. 

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