Co-Creating the New World: Latin Pro Bono Summit 2020

Oct 14, 2020 7:55 PM ET

Co-Creating the New World: Latin Pro Bono Summit 2020

WASHINGTON, October 14, 2020 /3BL Media/ - PYXERA Global is an active contributor in the design of the Pro Bono Network’s LATAM Pro Bono Summit, taking place from October13 to October 15. This year, the summit will be completely virtual and will bring together pro bono experts and professionals from corporations, along with leaders from NGOs, Foundations, and Social Enterprises. The aim of the Summit is to spotlight how pro bono is a powerful tool to co-create the new world.

The summit will feature PYXERA Global’s Regional Leads Carolina Gowland (Argentina) and Fernanda Scur (Brazil) who will both lead sessions where leading companies and social organizations share their experience, ideas, and the impact of pro bono service:

  • Jana Nieto, 3M Corporate Affairs Latin America
  • Cristiana Xaviera de Brito, BASF Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Latin America
  • Lucero Andaluz, Rimac Seguros Sustainability Chief in Perú
  • Sara María Cifuentes Ramseyer, General Director of TANI
  • Rita Spadafora, Sustainability Chief at ANCON Panamá
  • Daniel Beltrán Villaseñor y José Luis Beltrán, Co-founders México Recicla & Senior Advisors of Centro de Innovación y Economía Circular América Latina (CIEC)

During the panel “Pro Bono Change Agents with Social Impact” on October 13, PYXERA Global together with OSMIA, partner organization of the Pro Bono Network, will facilitate a discussion on the triple impact of pro bono service with a special focus on virtual programs and their potential for the region in the era of COVID-19. Even when in-person engagements were not possible, virtual models supported the momentum of social impact initiatives, engaged employees, and enabled them to deliver value through establishing strategic partnerships with social organizations. PYXERA Global and OSMIA will also host a special Pro Bono Talk to share survey results and trend analysis for 2021 and beyond related to the pro bono movement and societal needs.

Moving to a sustainable business model is a critical component of many forward-thinking business strategies, “Connecting Pro Bono, Circular Economy and ESG criteria” on October 15, is another panel facilitated by PYXERA Global that will discuss major trends in Latin America and reinforce why corporations urgently need to convene to accelerate the process to transition to circularity. Global Pro Bono programs can assist in bringing specific insights to these processes and when designed intentionally they assist in the movement of stirring away from negative impacts of the business and its value chain, and most of all, in the creation of exponential positive impact.

“In this unprecedented year, one thing remains certain: our interdependent, circular and resilient human nature. Addressing global challenge requires the work of diverse stakeholders and a common vision of change. The LATAM Pro Bono Summit brings together these diverse stakeholders and provides a space to connect and co-create the new way forward for pro bono in LATAM,” said Gowland and Scur.

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For nearly 30 years, PYXERA Global has facilitated mutually beneficial partnerships between the public, private, and social sectors worldwide to create social impact projects that enrich lives and livelihoods, inclusively and sustainably. In Latin America, PYXERA Global has implemented more than 413 projects in 11 countries of the Region with corporate clients as 3M, SAP, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Mastercard, JPMorgan Chase and The World Bank.

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